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with Dr. ZAHI HAWASS and a special guest Mrs. JEHAN SADAT, Egypt's First Lady


Introducing the most exciting tour to Egypt ever offered. Visit the Land of the Pharaohs with the most famous archaeologist in the world – Dr. Zahi Hawass! Enjoy the lecture and dinner with the former First Lady of Egypt - Mrs. Jehan Sadat, the wife of president Anwar El Sadat. With Archaeological Paths company you will experience Egypt like no one else. You will stay in a 5-star hotel and on a luxury Nile Cruise ship, taste delicious local cuisine and embrace the outstanding Egyptian culture.

Thanks to the special permissions from the Minister of Antiquities, our one-of-a-kind Royal Tour includes private entrances to the Giza plateau and the Luxor temple outside opening hours, the Great Sphinx enclosure and the Tombs of Pyramid Builders in Giza, an active excavation site closed to the public.




The Wonders of India's Ancient Culture


Archaeological Paths company invites you to take part in the amazing and unforgettable tour to one of the most majestic countries in the world – India – the country full of mysticism, colors, exotic tastes, and rich historical heritage! We will explore India’s most spectacular destinations on this one of a kind in-depth adventure. Delve into the rich cultural heritage of this vast and varied land which will dazzle your senses with a plethora of sights, sounds and aromas. Discover gleaming palaces, serene temples and elaborately carved shrines on an unforgettable journey to this magical country.




Explore the Valley of the Golden Mummies!


Archaeological Paths company presents the most exciting adventure that has ever been offered. Join Dr. Zahi Hawass on the breathtaking journey to discover the roots of the most fascinating civilization that has ever existed. You will travel in a 4x4 jeep and discover the most mysterious and magical place on Earth, the Sahara Desert. The tour we offer you is completely different from all the standard tours of Egypt. We wish to take our guests off the beaten track to the birthplace of the greatest ancient civilization.




The Greatest Ancient Wonders of Anatolia - Adventures Exploring the Roots of Civilization


Archaeological Paths company invites you to take part in the incredible 14-day journey to discover the archaeology, history, culture, and natural beauty of Turkey - the region rightfully referred to as the "Cradle of Civilization".

Our tour will start in Istanbul, the capital of Byzantine empire, continue through the legendary city of Troy and the biblical city of Ephesus, later through the timeless and bare rock landscape of Cappadocia. The site of Catalhuyuk, where we can see the beginning of the urban civilization is one of the first settlements where people lived together, building established houses 7 thousand years B.C! Another attraction is Mount Nemrut, considered to be the eighth wonder of the ancient world. The highlight of the tour is perhaps the most important archaeological discovery of the modern times – Gobekli Tepe, The World's First Temple (10,000 BC).





Discover the pristine nature and the unknown treasure of human history and architecture.


Go for an adventure to Armenian Highland to see 10,000 years old rock carvings – traces of habitation, depicting hunting scenes, farming, astronomical sights, even zodiac signs. Visit the oldest astronomical observatory in the world - Zorats Karer (7600 BC) – built thousands of years before Stonehenge in England or Egyptian pyramids! In Georgia see the subterranean wonder of nature – The Prometheus Cave – and the impressive work of men – rock-cut cities. Armenia and Georgia boast of beautiful green landscapes, ecological food and natural forests. It is the land of magnificent monasteries built on the mountain tops or at the edge of a precipice, creating unforgettable scenic views.


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