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110 new burial tombs found in the Egyptian Delta

May 04, 2021

Egyptian archaeologists have found 110 burials at the Kom el-Khulgan site in the Dakahlia Province in the Delta, 150 km northeast of Cairo.

The burials found spam three different historical periods: 68 oval-shaped burials date to the Predynastic Period at around 6000-3150 BCE, 5 burials date to the Naqada III Period (c.3200-3000 BCE), and 37 rectangular burials are dated the Second Intermediate Period (c.1782-1570 BCE).

The tombs contained remains of adults and children, most are in a squatting position with associated burial equipment including pottery, amulets, stone utensils, and kohl containers. A unique burial was that of a new born baby buried inside a pottery vessel.

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