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Archaeological Paths

News - may 2020

An Egyptian-Spanish team of archaeologists working at the site of Oxyrhynchus, one of the most important sites during the Greco-Roman Period, has uncovered a new tomb dating back to the Saite Period (664-525 BC). The ancient city is mostly underneath the modern city of Bahnasa, in the southern governorate of Minya. The tomb is quite unique – the first to...

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In 2018, a joint German-Egyptian of the University of Tubingen team led by Dr. Ramadan Hussein made headlines all around the world when they uncovered a mummification workshop dated to Dynasty 26 (664-525 BCE). The complex contained...

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A team of archaeologists have recently found a cave decorated with various rock art scenes in Wadi El-Mazala in northern Sinai, Egypt. The cave is the first of its kind to be found in the area and measures 15m deep and 20m high. The scenes show...

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