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22 Ancient Tombs Uncovered in Minya

March 14, 2023

The Egyptian-Spanish archaeological mission, working as a collaboration between the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the University of Barcelona operating at Oxyrhynchus in the al-Bahnasa region in Minya, uncovered ancient tombs at the site’s Upper Cemetery.


The discovery includes 3 tombs from the Roman Period, 3 other individual tombs from the Persian Period, and 16 tombs from the Byzantine and Coptic Periods.


The amount and diversity of the tombs found provides a unique opportunity to study and document such burials which would uncover more information regarding the archaeological site of al-Bahnasa.


The Roman and Period tombs suffered from damage and were mostly robbed, one of the Roman tombs contained an open sarcophagus in its original location. The Byzantine and Coptic Period tombs contained some funerary equipment inside.


The archaeological mission has previously found many tombs dated to the Persian and Roman Periods, with this discovery providing more hope that similar discoveries will soon follow.

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