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Another fascinating discovery in Egypt!

April 27, 2020

A Spanish-Egyptian mission led by Dr. José Galán has recently found a wooden coffin in Draa Abou El Naga in Luxor.


This is the 19th season for the mission working in front of the open court belonging to the tomb of Djehuty, TT 11. The coffin is made of sycamore wood, which is associated with the goddess Hathor, and measures 1.75x0.33m. It is painted white in the exterior and has a red painted interior. The coffin contained the mummy of a teenage girl, aged around 15-16, and was in a bad condition of preservation. The coffin is dated to Dynasty 17 and is believed to be over 3600 years old.


The girl was buried with a variety of jewelry, consisting of spiral earrings, two rings, four necklaces made of a variety of faience, beads, amethyst, carnelian, amber, and quartz.


In addition, the team found a mudbrick chapel and a small mudbrick coffin in the area. The coffin contained four wooden ushabti figurines wrapped in linen bandages. The hieratic inscription on them identifies a man called “Djehuty” as their owner, who also lived during Dynasty 17. Finally, a shaft was unearthed containing leather sandals and leather balls tied together. The sandals were well preserved and colored in red, with various decorative motifs.

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