Archaeological Paths - Egypt Royal Tour With dr. Zahi Hawass, dr. Mostafa Waziri and a surprise VIP Guest.

Archaeological Paths

Archaeological Paths’ guests first to visit a newly opened tomb at Saqqara!

September 17, 2021

On September 14, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities opened the South Tomb of King Djoser in Saqqara. Archaeological Paths’ guests, currently on their September tour, were in for a real treat as they were provided with an exclusive access to the site and entered the tomb in the company of Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Egypt’s Head of Antiquities and a guest of honor on our company’s tours, and Dr. Khaled El-Anany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.

The tomb, which has gone through extensive restoration works since 2006, is largely underground and includes a labyrinth of corridors, decorated with hieroglyphic carvings and tiles. A central funeral shaft houses a massive granite-clad sarcophagus from Egypt’s Third Dynasty. According to Dr. Waziri, ”the complex is the oldest stone building of the ancient world and it was named the 'Southern Tomb' following its discovery by the English archaeologist Cecil Mallaby Firth in 1928”.

This is another major event in Egypt which the guests of Archaeological Paths have been involved in following the recent discovery of Lost Golden City by Dr. Zahi Hawass. This only shows that – on top of many special-access visits and private entries to Egypt’s most iconic archaeological sites already included in our tours’ itineraries – our guests can still expect other fascinating experiences that are simply unavailable during regular tours. That is why – with us, you can experience Egypt like no one else!

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