Archaeological Paths - Egypt Royal Tour With dr. Zahi Hawass, dr. Mostafa Waziri and a surprise VIP Guest.

Archaeological Paths

DAY 5 – Royal Egypt Tour | November 15–28

November 21, 2020

So, it is time to leave Cairo for a while!

We took a quick flight to Luxor, known as Thebes in ancient times. Soon after, we started sightseeing at the Karnak Temple Complex.

This the biggest temple in the world, for over two thousand years, dating from the Middle Kingdom to the Greco-Roman times, was continuously modified, expanded, and rebuilt, and is now a real maze of smaller temples, chapels, and enormous, impressive pillars.

Our Egyptology Expert explained to us some of the most captivating ancient carvings on the temple walls. However, the true apogee of the visit was Dr. Mostafa Waziri, the head of Egypt's Antiquities, who showed the sites available only for our tour participants. What a marvelous meeting!

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