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Group of Tombs Found in Tell El-Deir

December 22, 2022

An Egyptian archaeological mission working on the site of the Tell El-Deir delta at Damietta found a group of 20 graves dating from the late period. The burials vary from mudbrick structures to simple burial pits.


Mudbrick burials are tentatively dated to the 26th Dynasty according to their architectural characteristics and material discoveries. They contained a collection of gold sheets in the shape of various deities such as Isis, Horus, and Bastet. Many amulets and scarabs were also found buried with the deceased. Other funerary equipment included canopic jars representing the four sons of Horus, a headrest, and statues of deities representing Isis, Nephthys, Thoth, and Taweret. 


This discovery is very important because it emphasizes the importance of the site and will rewrite the history of Damietta. The team has been excavating at the Tell El-Deir cemetery for many years and has previously found burials dated to various time periods.

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