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Kafr El-Sheikh Museum opens to the public!

November 28, 2020

Kafr El-Sheikh Museum opens to the public!

As part of the Ministry’s efforts to promote tourism and enrich the tourist experience in Egypt, another museum has opened its doors in the Delta city of Kafr El-Sheikh.

Kafr El-Sheikh governorate contains many important archaeological sites – the earliest of which is the ancient city of Buto considered the northern capital of Egypt in pre-dynastic times.

The museum consists of three galleries highlighting the unique regional history of Kafr El-Sheikh. It houses artifacts found in the Buto cemetery and themes related to medicine and pharmacy. Another important highlight is the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt as the city of Sakha in Kafr El-Sheikh was one of the locations where the Holy Family crossed in. Furthermore, the Islamic heritage of the city of Fuwah will be highlighted within the museum galleries, too.
One of the great masterpieces of the museum includes a child statue from the Greco-Roman Period, a statue of King Ramses II and the lioness goddess Sekhmet, and a statue of the god Horus.

The idea of the museum goes back to the 1900s, where the implementation started in 1994 but stopped for many reasons due to lack of funds. In 2018, work in the museum resumed with the final opening in November 2020.

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