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King Tutankhamun's Shrine Moved to Grand Egyptian Museum

July 12, 2022

The biggest of the four shrines belonging to the golden boy king Tutankhamun has been moved from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to its new home at the Grand Egyptian Museum, GEM, in preparation for its grand opening.


The shrine is made of gilded wood and inscribed with text from the Book of the Heavenly Cow along with beautiful blue faience decorations. It was discovered in the burial chamber of king Tut’s tomb, KV 62, at the Valley of the Kings in 1922.


Inside this shrine were three smaller shrines, in a system similar to the Russian dolls. The smallest shrine contained the sarcophagi of king Tut where his body was laid to rest.


The smaller shrines have already been moved to the GEM and around 95% of the Tutankhamun collection have been put on display in preparation for the opening of the new museum.


The restoration team has been working for almost a year to make sure that the shrine would be safely and securely moved to the GEM, and the process took 8 full days to finish. This brings us one step closer to the anticipated opening of the museum, which the whole world is waiting to visit in the near future.

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Great article regretfully I will never see it in person so these articles make me feel a part of this whole affair Egypt is a great country with a fantastic history one feel it is not finished Thank all of you for a job well done


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