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Madam Jehan Sadat, an Egyptian First Lady Like No Other

July 09, 2021

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Egypt’s former First Lady, and one of the most inspiring and remarkable women of our times, Madam Jehan Sadat. Our thoughts are with her entire family at this sad time.

Madam Sadat, who over the past few years was a guest of honor on Archaeological Paths’ tours to Egypt, was the First Lady of Egypt from 1970 until 1981. As the wife of Anwar Sadat, the late Egyptian President, she devoted her life to public service and supported many initiatives to improve the life of Egyptian citizens worldwide. She also promoted literacy and founded Egypt's Wafa Wal Amal (Faith and Hope) Society for handicapped war veterans and civilians, the first and largest rehabilitation center of its kind in the Middle East. Madam Sadat was always an outspoken advocate for peace and – after the passing of Anwar Sadat – her mission was to maintain her husband’s legacy and keep his memory as a man of peace alive.

We are proud to have been able to help Madam Sadat in her mission and to have had the honor to meet her on so many occasions during our tours. Our company, Egypt, and the entire world will miss Madam Jehan Sadat, one of the kindest and most gracious people there was.

Archaeological Paths’ Team

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