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Major Discovery in Sohag

May 10, 2022

Remains of a mudbrick tower house and a temple dated to the Ptolemaic Period, and 85 tombs from the Old Kingdom to the Ptolemaic Period – that’s what have been recently found in Sohag by Egyptian archaeologists working there.


The tower was used as a checkpoint in the tax collection area and to guide ships approaching the city.


The temple, which is 33 meters long and 14 meters wide, was dedicated to the goddess Isis and was built by King Ptolemy III. Archaeologists found many artifacts in the temple including a limestone purification basin, ostraca with Demotic inscription, and 38 coins dated to the Roman Period.


The team also found a house belonging to one of the head of workers and many documents mentioning names, salaries, and tasks of workers.


Additionally, 85 tombs dating to the Old Kingdom all the way until the Ptolemaic Period were unearthed in the area. The Ptolemaic tombs contained 30 burial permits which were written in ancient Greek and included the names of the deceased, their parents, occupation, age of death, and some contained prayers to the ancient Egyptian gods.


The team also worked in the quarry locations at the site, which were used by King Ramses III.  A rock painting found at the site mentions the event during which the king sent 38 skilled workers to cut stone for the construction of his temple.

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