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Mummies with Golden Tongues found in Quesna

December 05, 2022

An Egyptian archaeological mission working at the site of Quesna in the Delta have uncovered an extended section of the ancient necropolis during their excavation season.


The team unearthed ancient tombs with mummies buried inside in varying states of preservation. Notably, some of these mummies had gold foils in the shape of human tongues placed in their mouths. Remains of wooden coffins and funerary equipment was also found, including gold-shaped scarabs, lotus flowers, and funerary amulets.


The burial material showed that the discovered tombs date to 3 different historic periods: the Late Period, the Ptolemaic Period, and the Greco-Roman Period. This shows how the ancient necropolis was important and used by residents for many centuries.

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I wonder if they were singers

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