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Mummification Cache found at Abusir

February 16, 2022

A Czech archaeological team working in Abusir and led by Doctor Miroslav Barta have recently uncovered a 14 meter deep cache filled with embalming material, dating to around 550 BCE.

The cache was found by accident when the team was conducting excavation in the western segment of the Abusir necropolis. The finding contained 370 large urns that date to Dynasty 26. The urns contained material that priests would use to embalm the mummified bodies of the dead in preparation for their final burial.

The team also found a set of four canopic jars which contained hieroglyphic inscription bearing the name of its owner, a man called Wah-ib-ra. The uncovered vessels will undergo further studies and analysis of its contents to better understand the material used in the mummification process.

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