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New discovery in Alexandria!

April 21, 2022

A pottery workshop and affiliated storage facilities dating to the Greco-Roman Period have been found by an Egyptian archaeological team working in the Tabel Al-Motawah area, west of the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.


The workshops include a series of kilns, two of which are carved into the rock. Evidence shows that the workshop area was later reused as a cemetery during the Middle Ages, where over 100 burials were found including a burial of a pregnant woman.


The storage facilities contained large amounts of pottery, mostly used for cooking and serving food. There were also 13 limestone rooms used for workers to reside in and included areas for food preparation where a large number of animal bones were found, a workshop for producing ceramics, and a religious area containing an alter and terracotta statues.


A series of objects have also been found at the site including coins with the faces of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, and the god Zeus inscribed on them, statues of the god Harpocrates, amulets in the shape of the god Bes, along with hunting tools and other items.

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