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Archaeological Paths

New Discovery in Tuna El-Gebel

October 30, 2020

The Egyptian archaeological mission led by Dr. Mostafa El-Waziri, the guest of honor on our Royal Egypt Tours, has uncovered a new important tomb in the necropolis of Tuna El-Gebel, locally known as El-Ghoreefa.

The tomb belonged to the overseer of the royal treasury, Pady-Iset, and contained a variety of artifacts which have been found in great condition.

The tomb can be entered by a 10-meter shaft leading to a large chamber with carved niches containing two limestone statues. One of the statues is in the shape of the Apis Bull, a sacred bull worshiped in the Memphis region, while the other has the form of a female.

What is more, Dr. Waziri has said that the four alabaster canopic jars belonging to Pady-Iset are the best preserved items in the area. Pady-Iset was also buried with 400 ushabti figurines and his tomb included six more burials belonging to his family members.

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