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New Kingdom Treasures Found in Tuna el-Gebel Tombs

October 23, 2023

An Egyptian archaeological mission, working at the archaeological site of al-Ghoreifa at Tuna el-Gebel, has uncovered a cemetery for high officials and priests dating back to the New Kingdom Period. The newly discovered cemetery contains 16 tombs cut into the bedrock, which house a wealth of archaeological finds.


These finds include five anthropoid limestone sarcophagi engraved with hieroglyphic texts and five wooden coffins. Some of the coffins found are adorned with the names and titles of their owners. Additionally, the mission has unearthed a collection of faience ushabtis, with most of them bearing the titles of the deceased. Hundreds of amulets, varying in shapes, sizes, and materials, have also been discovered within these tombs, including heart scarabs and gold amulets.


The tombs also contained numerous pottery vessels used in religious and funerary practices, tools, and painted canopic jars made of limestone with inscriptions that detail the titles of their owners. However, the most significant discovery from the cemetery is a well-preserved 15-meter-long papyrus scroll illustrating parts of the Book of the Dead.


Among the finds are the names of certain individuals, such as a man named "Djehuty-Mes," who held the title of Overseer of the Temple of Amun's Bulls, and a woman named "Nany," who was a singer of the god Thoth. The team has been working at the site of al-Ghoreifa since 2017 and has made significant discoveries since they began their excavations at the site.

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