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Open Museum at Karnak Temple Complex Reopens After Development

August 08, 2023

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has announced the completion of development work on the Open Museum at Karnak Temple Complex. This comprehensive project included various improvements, such as paving the floors with sandstone blocks, installing wooden benches, adding new informational signs, and creating dedicated pathways for visitors. With these essential upgrades now finished, tourists can fully enjoy the area and experience an enhanced visit.


Situated at the northwestern corner of the Karnak Temple Complex, the museum showcases a series of significant ancient Egyptian artifacts and structures. Among these treasures is the White Chapel, referred to as the chapel of King Senusret I, dating back to Dynasty 12 and standing as one of the oldest surviving structures on the site. Additionally, the museum houses the Red Chapel, attributed to the renowned Queen Hatshepsut of the New Kingdom Period. This chapel features exquisite reliefs depicting both the queen and King Thutmose III. Moreover, the museum boasts two alabaster chapels—one associated with Thutmose I and the other with King Thutmose IV.

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