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Royal mummies to be transported to new musuem

December 03, 2020

The Ministry of Antiquities is preparing to transfer 22 royal mummies from their current home at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC), located in Fustat, part of today's Old Cairo.

The move is set to involve a grand parade befitting the great rulers of ancient Egypt. The mummies of 18 kings and 4 queens, mainly dating to Egypt’s Golden Age known as the New Kingdom Period (1550-712 BCE), include the great warrior king – Seqenra-Tao, who fought the Hyksos, Tuthmose III, Ramses II, Hatshepsut, queen Tiye, to name a few.

Each mummy will be transported in their own specially designed car with their royal names in hieroglyphics accompanied by their names in Arabic. In addition, 17 royal coffins will be moved during the parade and displayed in the NMEC.

The museum construction started in 2002 and had a partial opening in 2017. The Royal Mummy Gallery will be one of the main attractions of the museum, which is expected to open to the public very soon.

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