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Saqqara reveals more secrets

November 16, 2020

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities held a press conference on Saturday to announce yet another discovery in Saqqara – this time of at least 100 coffins and up to 40 gilded statues.

The coffins are made of beautifully painted wood and contain mummies of people who lived during Dynasty 26, over 2500 years ago. The statues found are mostly related to the god Ptah Soker, god of craftsmen.

The Egyptian mission which had made the discovery also conducted CT scanning on one of the mummies and found that it belonged to a healthy male in his 40s, 175 cm in height, and who probably died of natural causes.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Khaled El-Anany, stressed that this discovery is only 1% of what could potentially be discovered in the Saqqara necropolis and that more announcements should follow.

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