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Sarcophagus of Ramses II’s Chief of Treasury Found

October 06, 2022

A team of Egyptian archaeologists has been able to discover a 3,200-year-old sarcophagus belonging to Ptah-Im-Wea. He was an important official during the New Kingdom period and served as the Chief of Treasury for Ramses II.


The sarcophagus is made of pink granite and is decorated with hieroglyphic inscriptions and religious scenes such as the four sons of Horus. The lid was found broken, and no traces of the mummy were found, strongly suggesting that the mummy’s tomb was robbed in antiquity. Ptah-Im-Wea also held other titles such as “the royal scribe” and “chief overseer of cattle”.


The tomb of Ptah-Im-Wea was found last year in the Saqqara necropolis where high officials from the New Kingdom were laid to rest. The sarcophagus is the newest discovery on the site this year.

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