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Statue of King Tuthmosis II Restored in Karnak Temple

August 30, 2022

An Egyptian team of restorers and archaeologists at the Supreme Council of Antiquities have completed the restoration work of a royal statue depicting king Tuthmosis II. The statue is located on the southern façade of the 8th pylon at Karnak Temple. The restoration work is part of the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities’ plan to restore and develop archaeological sites across Egypt, with this project being the first of many to follow.


The statue depicts the king seated and is made of quartzite. He is wearing a nemes headdress, a false beard, and a royal kilt. Tuthmosis II was the 4th king of Dynasty 18th, the first dynasty in the New Kingdom Period. His chief wife was the famous queen Hatshepsut who ruled Egypt after his death. He is also the father of the next king to rule Egypt, Tuthmosis III.

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