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Sunken Temple Discovered in Alexandria

September 26, 2023

A joint Egyptian-French archaeological team excavating the Abu Qir site in Alexandria has uncovered the sunken remains of a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, dated to the 5th century BCE.

This temple was a part of the ancient city of Heracleion, situated 7 km from the coast of Abu Qir, an important port along the Mediterranean coast. Heracleion sank due to an earthquake in antiquity and was rediscovered by archaeologists in the year 2000. Among the findings were imported bronze and ceramic artifacts from Greece, as well as remains of various buildings.

Additionally, the archaeologists uncovered the remains of a temple dedicated to the Egyptian god Amun and an associated storage area. Stored items included silver ritual tools, gold earrings, Horus-eye pendants, and alabaster containers for oils and liquids. These discoveries offer significant insights into the ancient city and the religious practices of its inhabitants."

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