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Temple of Esna – Ceiling Restoration Completed

September 26, 2022

An Egyptian-German archaeological mission has successfully restored the southwestern part of the ceiling of the temple of Esna.


This is part of a larger project aimed at restoring and preserving the temple itself while reviving beautifully carved and painted reliefs and inscriptions. This is the first time people will get to see the original colors that decorated the temple ceiling. The reliefs include representations of the god Geb and the goddess Nut, and depictions of the sun and moon deities and their journey into the afterlife.


The temple of Esna is situated in the governorate of Qena and is dedicated to the ram-headed god Khnum, his spouses Menhit and Nebtu, their son Heka, and the goddess Neith. The temple is famous for its portico, which is composed of six rows of four columns, each decorated with a capital of lotus leaf.

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