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Temporary Exhibit at Luxor Museum

December 22, 2020

Visitors to the Luxor Museum can now enjoy a temporary exhibit held at the museum in celebration of its 45th anniversary.


The exhibit is a one-piece collection featuring a newly discovered pyramidion made of sandstone. The unique piece was found by the Egyptian-American archaeological mission working at El-Asasif in the west bank of Luxor.


The pyramidion was found in the Theban tomb 390 in October 2020 and belongs to the attendant to the God’s Wife of Amun and female scribe Irterau, who came from a powerful family related to the god Amun. The pyramidion is decorated from four sides and features a devout figure in front multiple deities, Osiris, Re-Horakthy, Anubis, and Atum. The piece measures 40cm high, 27 cm wide, and is 33 cm long.


The Luxor museum currently houses about 3000 artefacts from the Pharaonic up until the Islamic era. One of the most important galleries is the “Cachette Gallery” which features beautiful statues found in a cache in Luxor Museum in 1989. The temporary exhibit will run until June 2021.

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