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The Aten Museum Close to Opening

February 05, 2023

The Aten Museum in Minya Governorate is set to open its doors to the public very soon as the Supreme Committee of Museum Exhibition conducted an inspection of the museum developments and exhibition strategy, in preparation for its opening.


The Aten Museum is one of the largest projects related to Egyptian museums, and is considered a cultural symbol of Minya Governorate. The museum includes the main building containing permanent exhibition halls, a theatre, a conference center, and a scientific library, a tourist services area with restaurants, cafeterias, bazaars, and a walkway overlooking the Nile.


Construction of the Aten Museum was first started in 2004 as a museum focusing on the Amarna Period of ancient Egyptian history since Akhenaten moved the capital of Egypt to Tell el-Amarna, located in modern-day Minya. The museum collection also focuses on highlighting “Minya Through the Ages”, aiming to raise awareness about Minya’s rich history to both locals and tourists.

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Next time Im in Egypt I really want to go to Minya and this museum Amarna was the only location not on the Royal Egypt tour that I wanted to see

Karen Katanick

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