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The Discovery of a Royal Scribe's Burial Chamber in Egypt

November 09, 2023

The Czech archaeological mission working at Abusir has uncovered a new tomb belonging to the royal scribe Djehuty-Im-Hat, dated to the early first millennium BCE.


The tomb features a burial shaft that leads to a chamber adorned with wall reliefs and inscriptions, including texts from the Pyramid Texts, funerary rituals, and offering scenes. Inside the chamber, the stone sarcophagus of Djehuty-Im-Hat bears hieroglyphic texts and images of deities. Notably, the tomb had been robbed, leaving no funerary equipment.


Analysis of Djehuty-Im-Hat's remains suggests he died at around 25 years old and had spinal problems and severe bone fragility, likely related to his work as a scribe.


This tomb, part of an ancient cemetery at Abusir for Dynasties 26 and 27, provides insights into the era's social structures and residents. The Czech mission also discovered the tomb of Wah-Ib-Re, a military official from the same period.

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