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The Discovery of ancient buildings and burials in Asyut

May 19, 2023

The Egyptian archaeological mission working at the site of Meir in the Upper Egyptian provenance of Asyut were successful in uncovering parts of buildings dated to the Byzantine Period and multiple burials dated to the Late Period.


The team revealed that the buildings at the Upper Cemetery consisted of a courtyard with various rooms attached to them, along with storage rooms and a fireplace. The burials were found at the Lower Cemetery and contained remains such as wooden coffins, human remains, and various funerary equipment. One of these burials belonged to a woman, whose coffin mask survived, along with some pots, faience beads, and two copper mirrors.


The ancient site of Meir is known for its rock-cut tombs dated to the Old and Middle Kingdom. This discovery is very important as it sheds light into the history and usage of the site during ancient times.

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