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The King Khufu Center and Restaurant Open at Giza Plateau

September 14, 2022

Egypt has just opened a new visitor center at the Giza Plateau. The venue is called the King Khufu Center and will serve as the new entry point to the Giza Pyramids.


The center offers its visitors information about the site, it also provides trained tour guides and several dinning venues and shopping stores. It will also include a stop for new electric vehicles that will pick up and drop off visitors to and from the Giza Plateau. The sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles will tour the different areas of the Giza Plateau, including the three pyramids, the Giza Sphinx, and various panorama view area.


The event also featured the opening of the area’s newest restaurant, called Khufu’s. The high-end venue offers authentic Egyptian dishes to its guests who can enjoy a view of the pyramids from their dinning table.


This project is part of a partnership between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the private sector to operate and raise the efficiency of services provided at the Giza Pyramids. This shows the ministry’s efforts in improving the tourist visitor experience to the Giza Pyramids, the only surviving ancient wonder of the world, and protect and develop the site by using sustainable and eco-friendly means of transportation.


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