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The longest hieratical papyrus "Papyrus Waziry 1" exhibited for the first time after its restoration

March 01, 2023

Papyrus Waziri 1 is now on display at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir. It is considered the largest and most complete papyrus in hieratic script discovered in the Saqqara necropolis. The papyrus was found inside the coffin of an individual called Ahmose from the Ptolemaic Period (305-30 BCE), during the excavations of an Egyptian mission headed by Dr. Mostafa Waziry, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in May 2022.


The papyrus contains texts from the Book of the Dead and measures almost 16 meters. The name of its owner, Ahmose, is mentioned around 260 times in a hieratic inscription and includes 113 chapters from the Book of the Dead. The text is also supplemented with various depictions and representations such as a scene showing Ahmose worshiping the god of the netherworld Osiris in his shrine.


The Book of the Dead is a collection of religious and funerary texts that were used in ancient Egypt as a guide for the deceased during their journey in the netherworld.

Written comments

Im amazed and so impressed by the hard work that goes into finding these archaeological rarities I cant wait to be told of new finds and hope to get to the museum in Egypt to see it someday

Madeline Schwartz

Egypt is wonder of the world I dreamed about it

Hussain Saleemi

Kung hei fat choi I am amazed on this discovery It made me love archeology and ancient history

Crister Wayne M Leal

Absolutely fascinated by the incredible discovery of Papyrus Waziri 1 the longest hieratic papyrus ever found showcasing the rich tapestry of ancient Egyptian beliefs and rituals Kudos to Dr Mostafa Waziry and his team for their dedication to preserving and unraveling the Egyptian history

Aymen Aiblu

I hope Dr Zahi Hawass will find the Pyramid of Huni

Chi Samoranos

What a marvelous discovery Dr Waziry thank you for your dream and intuition

Luciana Delpuerto

I love to watch every Ancient Egyptian Documentaries this one is a remarkable discovery Kudos to all Egyptian Archeologists who devote their time and passion for the world to amaze

Wesly Igcalinos Sihay

Congratulations on finding such a wonderful piece of history I have been fascinated with the history of Egypt as soon as I learned to read many many years ago I loved the documentary showing the discovery of the papyrus and the work done with such respect for the past Thank you for sharing with the world the beauty of archeology I am following the work at the new found structure and I hope Dr Hawass will find the lost pyramid

M Parker

Thank Dr Hawass Dr Waziri and your scientific teams for your great effort in rescuing history It is my dream to come to Egypt one day In the meantime I will continue reading your books and papers and learn more about your fascinating history

Victor Pastor

Congratulations on this amazing discovery I would love to learn more about the theory of how and why this individual had this papyrus with him Was it for religious purposes was he someone of importance within a priesthoodtemple So many questions

Marcelle Bosler

My family and I really enjoyed the documentary and sharing in the excitement of rediscovering the past

Jason Reynaga

I would thoroughly enjoy reading this entire translation

Josh myers

Watching the discovery of Ahmose and the Waziry Papyrus caused my soul to soar and weep with joy and more so that an Egyptian archaeologist made the discovery It is my dream to one day travel to beautiful Egypt To see the beautiful and rich history in person

Delia Washington

This was the most exciting documentary I have seen what an amazing find my sole is Egyptian I have been captivated since a child


Incredible find After watching the Netflix special on this I had to see more of the scroll If only we had a time machine in order to fully appreciate the life of these amazing peoples Its a stunning find and so glad the documentary was made so we could appreciate the beauty history and passion behind these finds Its believed that only 20 of Egyptian antiquities have been discovered to date I would so love to be any part of these digs Just to carry sand in a wheelbarrow would be amazing

Wade Oliver

It would be incredible to some day actually reading the translation

John Ejdowski

Just finished watching this be discovered So overcoming to watch Makes me cry of joy to see Please make more documentarys One day my wish is to see it in real life x

New Zealand is my home but Egypt is in my soul

I just watched the Netflix documentary It was so amazing They should make more documentaries like this That way it can get to the mainstream ppl and we can learn something valuable


This is so inspiring Tears of joy I hope I can view it in person some day Thank you for the pictures I cant stop looking at them Absolutely mesmerizing Gratitude

Courtney Lether



Congratulations on such an historical achievement

Jenny Watson

Will you publish the papyrus in text form

Garry J Turgiss

I watched them when they found this and it is just amazing that this papyrus lasted so long The Ptolemaic period in Egypt is so interesting Founded by Alexanders top generals it was the last dynasty of Egypt and a mixture of Egyptian and Greek cultures When Alexander conquered Egypt he left his most trusted Greeks behind and they assimilated into the Egyptian customs and culture not the other way around but founding something from 2400 years ago is always amazing Im still trying to find out everything the scroll had to tell them I think its wonderful that they got it on display so quickly but the archeologists under Dr Zahi Hawass are just terrific

Kathy Brensinger

I am so happy this papyrus was located and that it was in such great shape I find it so unreal that this item was so well preserved I am hoping that this information will be written in English and published I would love to read what a 3500 year old hand has written What a blessing for the Egyptian people

Bobbi Bouknight

What does it says


Hello I was watching a documentary called the Unknown The Lost Pyramid I was very moved by Dr Mostafa Waziry when he knelt down facing Mecca to give thanks to God upon the discovery of the Waziry Papyrus I wish Dr Waziry Gods blessing as he continues his important work uncovering the history of Egypt

Kieran Daly

Truly an anazing discovery I appreciate the sharing of this piece of history Thank you for your dedication

Darrell Flannery

Congratulations What an amazing find I was so excited when watching the documentary this is an extraordinary artifact I wish that I could see it in person so much history I am also glad that an Egyptian made this discovery


I just watched the fascinating documentary The Lost Pyramidso fantastic All these historical treasures that exist under the sand I look forward to the next chapter and pray that the pyramid of Huni will be found Congratulations Dr Waziry

Linda Latshaw

What does the Waziry papyrus say Where can I find a translation of the text

Dr Tirado

Thats amazing thank you for letting viewers watch the discovery on Netflix


Wow man - they took the afterlife so seriously

Robert Bonamico

Can you tells us what you have learned from 52 ft papyrus We all want to know what it says Or were may we found out what it has revealed to the world

Jack Crawford

Amazing history and many thanks to all of the people that bring this to light

Rich Werner

Blessings the Heavens opened deciding to finally share Whaziery Papyrus to all of Humankind The Gods have spoken Prayers Humankind finds the Fundamental Respect for ALL as Mandated by Our Ancients Pray it SOL

Lady Tawne Michele Baranof Hungerford Newcomb I

Amazing Congratulations Dr WazirySuch an important discovery A treasure after so many years of workI just watch the documentary on Netflix Thank youI am from Costa Rica I love history and archaeology

Ana Pacheco

Great Find for the Dr Hawass team in Egypt Love watching this its about time Egyptians have their own team of Archeologists making these discoveries Back in 2007 Dr Hawass under study let me read a book he wrote and Ive been even more amazed by the history of Egypt Dr Hawass gave you Roses on your find "wairy Papyrus" Blessings

Albert Felder

Is there a full translation that we can read


I would like to know when the Waziry Papyri is going to be published in English

jose joacir dos santos

Absolutely amazing discovery

Paul Statton

Aloha Congratulations to Dr Waziry and his Egyptian colleagues I just watched Unknown- the Lost Pyramid on Netflix How astounding to see the actual discovery of the scroll Scholarly consideration of its contents will be so productive

John M Sevick

Watched the movie on Netflix Im so happy for the Egyptian people and for the world Cant wait to see your victory at the pyramid I celebrate with you

Regina Laniohan

Incredible finds continue to be exposed with Egyptian hands Egyptian skills Egyptian knowledge So proud of my Egyptian brothers and sisters How to join you in this my 8th decade So much to learn so much to discover Thank you God

Brenda Allen

What is the translation of this papyrus where can one see it


This is amazing Thank you Dr Zahi Hawass for the hard of you and your team You are opening a new door to history Thank you again

Kathy Anderson

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