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The moving and restoration of Al Tabataba Mausoleum

April 29, 2022

The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities in Egypt was able to save the Mausoleum of Al Tabataba by moving it to a new safe location next to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.


The monument has suffered from severe decay due to the rising water levels of the Ain el-Sira Lake. The mausoleum had to be dismantled and restored in a new location for its safety, a project which cost over 300 000 U.S. dollars. Several ancient tombstones and marble plaques were also restored as part of the project.


The mausoleum was built by Muhammad Bin Taghag al-Ikhshidi, who founded the short lived Ikhshidi Dynasty which ruled Egypt from 935 to 969 AD. The domed structure was used as a burial ground for the family of Ibrahim Tabataba, who are descendants from the Prophet Muhammad family. The family moved to Egypt in the 9th century AD and continued to live there for consecutive generations.

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