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The Reopening of the tomb of Ramses I

January 11, 2021

After a period of closure due to restoration works, the tomb of Ramses I (KV 16) in the Valley of the Kings has finally reopened to the public.

The beautifully decorated tomb is considered one of the best-preserved royal tombs in the Valley and has retained most of its original decoration and vibrant colors.

The tomb was found in 1817 by Giovanni Belzoni and measures 29 meters long. It consists of a corridor which leads to the burial chamber containing a granite sarcophagus of Ramses I.

Ramses I was an army general during the reign of Horemheb. He became king after Horemheb died without fathering any known heirs, founding Dynasty 19 of the New Kingdom Period. Ramses I was the father of king Seti I and grandfather of Ramses II.

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