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Tunnel found at Taposiris Magna Temple

November 19, 2022

The Egyptian-Dominican archaeological team working at the temple of Taposiris Magna has discovered an underground tunnel dug into the bedrock. The tunnel is at a depth of around 13 meters below ground level and is about 1,305 meters long. The tunnel complex allegedly leads to the Mediterranean Sea and other sunken structures, which will be the object of future research in the coming excavation seasons.


Part of the tunnel was filled with water from the Mediterranean Sea at the time it was discovered. Excavation work in the tunnel resulted in unearthing various pottery jars and bowls. The crew also found an alabaster head from a Ptolemaic age, statue and an alabaster head from a sphinx statue at the temple complex this season.


The team has been working at the site since 2005 and has found many valuable artifacts throughout the years, including coins with the face of Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, many statues of different shapes and sizes, and objects with inscriptions.

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